*isn't it Ironic.. DOntcha think?*

(sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

It's understandable why so many brides worry about rain on their wedding day. You spend so much time, money, and effort perfecting every little detail. And you definitely don't want to leave your guests out high and dry (or in this case, wet!) Here are a few reasons why I believe wedding day rain can actually be a blessing in disguise!

It's good luck!

As you know, a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie – therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to unravel!

It creates a dreamy, romantic atmosphere for your big day!

Just think about The Notebook.. Do I really need to say more?

One of a kind portraits.

We all love a good golden hour moment, but there's just something about rainy portraits with clear umbrellas! The little raindrops create a beautiful background AND foreground, adding depth and movement to your photos!

Soft, natural lighting.

While most people think it would be dark and gloomy, the clouds in overcast skies act as a natural diffuser! This means the light will be much softer, eliminated harsh shadows and opening up more photo location possibilities!

It gives everyone an extra excuse to snuggle in close!

A little drizzle encourages you (and your guests!) to snuggle up with each other! It also creates a sweet, cozy background sound to calm your nerves.

It keeps everything cool!

With everyone in their Sunday best, overheating can be a huge concern for your big day! Rain instantly cools down even the hottest of days.


Is there anything more magical than a wedding day rainbow? A little bit of rain is a small price to pay for something so naturally beautiful, and a great conversation starter for your guests!

Your flowers will last longer!

That's right! It's a little known fact, but flowers are less likely to wilt in rainy conditions! Cooler temperatures + overcast skies + humidity = happy, bright flowers!

additional tips:

  • If there's anything I've learned from spending most of my life in NE Ohio, it's that weather can be unpredictable! Look for venues that offer an indoor option, or consider renting a tent for more coverage!
  • Have a plan in place to help transport your older (and/or handicapped) guests! Especially if there is a bit of a walk to your ceremony site. Ask if there is a staff member that can help bring guests over in a golf cart.
  • Ask if your make up artist offers waterproof make up! Regardless of the weather, if you're anything like me, there will be a lot of tears! It's also smart to have a little bit of make up handy for quick touch ups (powder your face, retouch lipstick) if necessary!

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