After two year of waiting... (thanks Covid!) We finally decided on our next vacation destination- Carolina Beach, NC. It was only about 6.5 hours away and looked like the perfect family friendly relaxation spot for our us. It was beautiful! Our condo was only a few steps from the beach, making it super easy to travel back and forth with our 7 month old son.

We fell in love with the soft pink and orange sunset skies. On Saturday evening, right as the sun was setting, we headed out to the beach for some keepsake photos!

My parents jumped in next for some sweet grandma and grandpa photos with Jack. He loved watching the waves so much that we just could not get him to smile for the camera like usual!

Finally, I handed my camera over to my dad so he could grab a few photos for us.

Fun fact: I get my creative genes from him, so I had no doubt he'd do an amazing job.

I grabbed a few more and jumped in front of the camera for some of just me and Jack. Before we finished up, we were lucky enough to have a stranger get one of all of us! We all live so far away now, so this was a very special moment for us and these are photos that we're all going to cherish forever.

Until next time, Carolina Beach!